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Transforming exponentially cryptocurrency trading, stocks investing, and cryptocurrency mining. We provide mirroring and a wide range of trading offers, which includes stocks, options, currency pairs and derivatives.

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Gainers Prime, a safe and reliable cryptocurrency and stocks trading firm, was established to provide intelligent portfolios with it's expert investors, customer-priority approach, safe and high tech investment tools. Eliminating the risk factor to earn from digital assets, and offering exclusive interest returns.

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$500 - $4,999

Estimated Returns

4 - 6% / 7 Days

Referral Bonus

5% of total amount deposited by referral


Standard Plan


$5,000 - $19,999

Estimated Returns

7 - 9% / 7 Days

Referral Bonus

5% of total amount deposited by referral


Premium Plan


$20,000 - $49,999

Estimated Returns

10 - 12% / 7 Days

Referral Bonus

5% of total amount deposited by referral


Exclusive Plan


$50,000 - $5,000,000

Estimated Returns

13 - 15% / 7 Days

Referral Bonus

5% of total amount deposited by referral


Our Trading & Investment Skillsets.

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Cutting edge investment plans leveraging your funds to yield maximum returns in weeks! Our performance over the past 7 years all summarized, giving this outstanding and superb result. Indeed we are one of the best.



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Discipline And Patience


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Here Are The Qualities That Set Us Apart From Other Investment Companies.

Exquisite Dashboard

Manage multiple investments using our cutting-edge dashboard built on modern technology.


As investment managers, we respect the ideas and wishes of our clients. With our expertise and advice, we provide the best possible support for realising individual investment ideas.

Safe & Secure

Our payment gateway is secured with military-grade encryption and POWERFUL SSL.

Mouthwatering ROI

ROI offered by Gainers Prime can't be matched by any other company while still enjoying our roll-over functionality

24/7 Client Support

We have support agents who work around the clock attending to all complaints and enquiries

Payments Options

Cryptocurrency is the best and most secured tender for online transaction which has been embedded

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Gainers Prime is a fully legitimate and officially registered company whose activities are regulated by the financial control authorities under the jurisdiction of the United States. Accepting our terms of coorperation, you can be absolutely sure of getting a guaranteed profit and full return on your investment

  • 18 Total Assets
  • 11 Years Experience
  • 253 Qualified Traders
  • 97 Countries Supported
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Mirror Your Desired Expert

Gainers Prime offers automated Mirror trading services across all sectors, Find your desired expert, get your account linked to their services and mirror the trades, learn as well through the trades, across various Market and sectors, Options, derivatives, currency pairs, Swings/ Scalp trading, Crypto currencies, Forex and Index. With over 90% protection on trading capital with stop loss softwares and indicators. At Gainers Prime, Clients capital security is always our major Concern.

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